How to Build A Bug Hotel (Infographic)

A great gardening project for the whole family, bug hotels are a wonderful way to add character and charm to any garden. Learn how to make your own bug hotel in our infographic below.

What is a Bug Hotel?

Bug hotels (also known as insect hotels and insect houses) are small garden structures designed to attract and shelter garden insects. While you can buy pre-made bug hotels, many gardeners build their own using commonly-found garden bric-a-brac.

What Kind of Visitors Will a Bug Hotel Attract?

The creepy-crawlies your bug hotel attracts will depend very much on your local environment. These structures typically draw in common garden visitors such as ladybirds, spiders, beetles, butterflies, lacewings and much more. However, you may occasionally find the odd toad, frog or even a hedgehog! It is possible to design your hotel in such a way as to entice specific insects, to find out more about this read the infographic below.

Why Build a Bug Hotel?

For the Kids

Insect houses are a great opportunity to educate children about the natural world. Not only does this activity help kids understand more about their local flora and fauna, but it also helps children develop a lifelong sense of stewardship for the planet.

For the Environment

Bug hotels allow you to do your bit for local conservation by providing insects with much-needed shelter and protection during the cold, winter months. It is also a creative way to reuse common garden miscellanea that may otherwise be thrown out.

For Your Garden

Bug hotels add plenty of unique character and charm to any garden and are sure to be a conversation-starter with your human guests! What’s more, they help to attract useful pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies that can help ensure beautiful blooms throughout the spring and summer!

Read the infographic below to find out more about how to make a bug hotel.

How to build a bug hotel?
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